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5-Star-Service Contract

As easyRAUM 5-Star customer you benefit from our unique services. In addition to upgrades and service hotline easyRAUM 5-star Service offers many other included services.


See for yourself: in 5 steps to the *****-Service:

1. 1. ALWAYS UP TO DATE: As easyRAUM 5-Star customer you will receive an upgrade to the latest version once a year – with newest functions for improved comfort and performance of your software. You can rest assured to always be on the cutting edge of technology!

2. HOTLINE - QUICK RESPONSE TO URGENT ISSUES: For questions concerning our software easyRAUMpro you can always count for free on a fast and free support by our experts. Our telephone hotline can be reached daily from 8:00am and 7:00pm. Call us - we are available for you! Apart from that you can rely on our remote service!

3. TRAINING WITH DISCOUNT As easyRAUM 5-Star customer you will receive 10% discount on every training! With our online training, we offer you the opportunity to deepen specific tops in a very short time, or to renew basic skills – online via internet. 5-Star customers can book 1 online-training per year according to the client’s choice!

4. VIRTUAL REALITY GENERATOR Create 360° 3D panoramas in easyRAUMpro and load them into the new Virtual Reality Generator. 5-Star customers receive login data and can benefit from an exclusive right of usage. The upload of 3 VR panoramas is included for free.

5. USERDAY: In 2018 we have planned two big UserDays in our new office. With the new OPEN OFFICE concept, you can look over the shoulder of the easyRAUM team during visualizations, get an idea of our web programming, immerse yourself in virtual reality locations and of course take part in numerous Basic and Professional WorkShops and get to know tips and tricks for using our easyRAUMpro software and the new IRAY renderer. Participation in the workshop for 5-Star customers is free for one UserDay.

With easyRAUM 5-Star-Service you are guaranteed to always work with the latest software version. But not only: easyRAUM 5-Star Service is a comprehensive package that provides you with support, information, exchange and technological advantage, which offers real competitive advantages.

Please contact us here or complete our 5 Star Service Contract immediately!



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