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3D Objects

The easyRAUM 3D object libraries contain more than 10.000 3D objects from renowned designers, manufacturers, rental furniture companies and other event outfitters for a detailed 3D room and event planning. The special feature is that our libraries can be modified flexibly and individually expanded.

2D symbols

The wide range of 2D symbols gives the user the opportunity to create floor plans according to their individual needs. Here too the symbol library can be modified flexibly and individually expanded at any time.

Escape and Rescue

The wide range of the latest 2D and 3D pictograms and fire protection symbols makes it possible to create standardized firefighting plans and maximum seating plans according to the latest meeting regulations.

Textures and Materials

The wide selection of textures and materials will help you to create your surfaces according to your wishes. The special feature is: logos, textures and images can be uploaded flexibly and individually and separate library folders can be created.

Displays & Bitmaps

Make your visualization even more realistic by selecting from our wide range of displays and bitmaps. Apart from that you will save a lot of memory space by using displays and bitmaps. The special feature is that cut-out images (.png) can be imported flexibly and individually and separate display folders can be created.

3D Database Partners/Manufacturers/Rental Furniture Companies

A close cooperation with the leading rental furniture and decoration companies enhances our 3D object libraries.



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