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Lightworks Iray+ in easyRAUMpro from V8.0
In cooperation with Lightworks – one of the world's leading manufacturers of rendering solutions for 3D graphics software – the Iray+ technology was integrated into easyRAUMpro as a purchasable plug-in. This means that easyRAUM users now have access to a first-class image calculation in their CAD planning system.

  • By the direct integration into the easyRAUMpro workflow, you can work efficiently and you will achieve photorealistic rendering results very quickly.
  • The 3D model created in easyRAUMpro with surfaces, textures and light sources can be processed immediately with the wide range of Iray+ tools.
  • The time spent on the creation of perfect scenes and images in photo quality will be considerably reduced by the physics-based render technology of Iray+.
  • Iray+ immediately gives you visual feedback and allows you to see modifications in real time and in every planning stage of the project.
  • Without disposing of expert knowledge, you will be able to work intuitively with Iray+ which provides you with sound results.
  • Benefit from the emotionality of realistic images during your sales discussions and have a decisive influence in favor of your project.

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