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Create plan layouts in your design, for example CI conform with your logo, signature and much more. Templates, frames and legends are available. Simple editing of the scale and the output format. You can save as many templates as you wish. Apart from that, easyRAUMpro offers you the opportunity to create standardized firefighting plans and maximum seating plans according to the latest meeting regulations.


Export 3D images/views from all angles in all common image formats.


Take a virtual walk through your event with you client or your planning partners, even before it really takes places. Fascinating individual indoor and outdoor camera rides give your clients a real experience in advance. .avi format is the standard output.


Create 360° 3D panoramas in easyRAUMpro and upload them into our new easyRAUM Virtual Reality Generator. Our 5-Star clients receive login data from us and have an exclusive usage right. Provide your clients with our VR-capable link with your individual setup that was individually created in easyRAUMpro.

easyRAUM Webplayer

With the help of the easyRAUM web player the exported C3D file can be viewed. Even without easyRAUMpro you can now move around in the project – similar like in a panorama.


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easyRAUM Player

3D objects

The easyRAUM 3D object libraries contain more than 10.000 3D objects from renowned designers, manufacturers, rental furniture companies and other event outfitters for a detailed 3D room and event planning. The special feature is that our libraries can be modified flexibly and individually expanded.


You can export parts lists of the objects used. You will be able to keep records on the number of objects, as well as manufacturers or rental furniture companies. With the identified needs, you are now able to handle your orders more in a sufficient way.


The plan creation in the planning mode is done in .pdf format. The export of 2D floor plans can also be done in .dwg/.dxf format. Renderings (images) can be saved in all usual image file formats (jpg, eps, bmp, gif, tiff, bitmap, etc.). Animated films are exported as .avi file format, panoramas as .swf file and for the web player you will receive a .c3d. file.



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