2D CAD Design

  • True-to-scale drawing in CAD format
  • Variable measuring unit: metric/imperial
  • 2D views can be generated in different ways: sections, wire-frame models, scribbles, colored with textures or isometry
  • 2D surfaces with colors/hatching
  • Labeling/numbering
  • Layer and floor management
  • Seating templates on layers
  • Plan layouts and templates
  • Simple copy function (of circles, rows, with a defined distance, etc.)
  • Lists/Stock lists
  • Spacers (footprints)
  • Symbols, pictograms for fire protection planning
  • Calculation of net/gross areas
  • Positioning/import of guest lists
  • Individual creation of escape and emergency routes
  • Drawing on levels
  • Dimensioning

Support Tools

  • Scan Wizard: simple import of scanned plans and PDFs
  • DWG./DXF.-Import menu with import options of layers, preview function and simple measuring
  • Import of background images and panoramas
  • Seating Wizard: automatic creation of seatings on layers
  • Automatic numbering
  • Menu for the creation of 360° panoramas in html5
  • VR-Generator: automatic creation of virtual reality panoramas
  • Automatic camera ride with animation paths

3D Visualization

  • Individual set-up of light and shadow
  • Positioning of light sources
  • Fixation of fix views in the project
  • Reflection
  • Flexible material and object library
  • Camera ride basing on a path
  • Camera ride, from view to view
  • 3D explorer
  • Displays/Bitmaps for the furnishing of rooms
  • Switch between 2D and 3D with just one click
  • Real-time rendering
  • Individual adaption of components in 3D
  • 3D online dimensions
  • Simple navigation in 3D with the mouse
  • Library for mounting parts (windows, doors, recesses in walls, niches, etc.)
  • Recesses in windows, doors and walls can be changed individually
  • Stair configurator
  • Day and night vision

Exchange formats

  • DWG
  • DXF
  • PDF
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • TIF
  • GIF
  • 3DS
  • C3D
  • SWF
  • IFC
  • VRML
  • Export of AVI movies


  • > More than 10.000 objects for the event industry (furniture, decoration, etc.)
  • > More than 3.000 objects from the tent industry
  • Furniture from well-known rental furniture companies, technical partners and exhibition suppliers
  • Flexible import of 3D data in form of .3ds/ifc or vrml
  • Objects can be modified individually
  • Symbols can ca drawn easily
  • Basic 3D modeling
  • Search function in the object library
  • Clear sorting of the objects
  • Assignment of properties for objects (article number/prices, etc.)
  • Localization tool for objects in the library
  • Exchange function for objects and tent fabrics
  • Wide range of textures, colors, and fabrics
  • Import of individual textures
  • Import of 3D file formats (VRML, IFC and 3DS)

Lightworks Iray+ in easyRAUMpro V8.0 In cooperation with Lightworks – one of the world's leading manufacturers of rendering solutions for 3D graphics software – the Iray+ technology was integrated into easyRAUMpro as a purchasable plug-in. This means that easyRAUM users now have access to a first-class image calculation in their CAD planning system.

Find out more about Iray+ at Lightworks Iray+


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