easyRAUM 2D Service

Load/Edit/Create floor plans

We load your 2D floor plans of any format and true to scale, free them from unnecessary architecture layers or overlying lines, etc. After the adjustments, we provide you with clear CAD plans in the required file format.  The perfect basis for fast designing in easyRAUMpro!

Create seating options

You have a capacity problem and urgently need a special event layout?  Please feel free to use our service. In close consultation with you, we design quick and simple seating options and event concepts.

You want to work in your venue with easyRAUMpro and need a quick start? We make your entry easier and give you a basis of standard seating options or already existing event formats. You can make those visible or invisible with just one click and customize them.

Escape and Rescue plans

With the help of the software easyRAUMpro, you can create fire evacuation plans standardized and according to the current Sample Meeting Place Ordinance and display them individually. Extensive libraries with the newest pictograms and fire protection symbols in 3D as well as tools with automatic default widths for escape routes make intuitive designing in the CAD software easyRAUMpro possible. Thus, the software can for example be used for preliminary planning of care uses or for danger zone planning.

For support or in the event of capacity shortages you can make use of the sound knowledge of the easyRAUM team out of architects, event professionals and 3D designers.

Designing plan layouts according to your CI

Score with professional and clear plans! Adapted to you Corporate Identity, colors and texts, we lay out suitable plan frames as a useful resubmission. This template can easily be uploaded to easyRAUMpro at any time and can quickly be adjusted to individual demands of the particular venue. 

Occupancy planning for emergency shelters

React quickly and organized: During emergencies, as currently the refugee crisis, absolute prerequisite. We support municipalities and charities to create detailed room and bed planning in provision shelters for refugees. Whether it is a gym, large tent, residential building or hotels and pensions as an emergency shelter for refugees – we quickly make the individual bed planning for your premises.

CAD digitization of paper/folding plans

To provide a good basis for visualizations we need current CAD floor layouts. Should you or the building authority have them in hard copy, we can create them as CAD format fast and cost-efficient. We digitize your hard copy whilst giving the replica, that is marked on the plan, the existing dimensions as a basis. This reconstruction is still custom made, because automatic vectorization is not suitable for use on building plans. For a current state of the plans, we customize the CAD files according to your needs/amendments.

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