easyRAUM 3D Service

3D Location visualization

The first impression counts: With a professionally created 3D visualization of your venue you have a genuine competitive advantage. Use the longstanding expertise of our 3D designers, architects and modelers. In the last years, the 3D visualization of event venues has become our core business: Already 80 renowned congress centers, hotels and venues of varying complexity have been visualized by us.  

Creation 3D films

We prepare high-end animation and image films for your venue or event. With a 3D film you take your customers or planning partners – even before the event has started – with you in your virtual world of the venue. See what impression your venue, event hall or room make on your customers and conceive an excellent decision-making reliability before the realization.

Personalized 3D object libraries

Beyond the 10.000 containing objects of the easyRAUMpro library we offer you the preparation of a personalized object library. There you can get 3D objects adapted and designed to your personal needs to give you a picture of your venue as realistically and detailed as possible.

Renderings in high-quality

3D cutaway model/ isometric cuts

3D object modelling


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