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Concept of a virtual banquet guide

The virtual banquet guide brings a fresh breeze to websites of hotels and conference venues. Based on animated 3D models, hotels and event areas are made perceptible. In the age of the mobile world, where conference customers are confronted with large amounts of new data daily, the virtual banquet portfolio ensures that the data is preferably brought sorted and processed into “bite sized bits” to the MICE-customer. In this way, on the website the customer can find the possibility to look at rooms that are relevant for him and find all important information about it.

Create 360° panoramas

The 3D animation gives a detailed and extensive impression of the event rooms and shows the many possible uses through different seating options. Especially event planners from outside can plan and design the event easily beforehand.

Virtual tours through your venue

As well as the pure 360° panoramas, the extensive virtual tours give a detailed impression of the given venue. With the help of a floor plan, it is easy to orientate oneself in all rooms and the switching to the desired view is possible. With an integrated screenshot function all views can be captured and be send via email. Numerous camera positions, hundreds of materials and a large number of 3D objects make the virtual tour perfect.

Virtual Reality Panoramas

By expanding the classical 360° panoramas with the virtual reality technology, this kind of visualization has developed to the sales, marketing and planning tool for the event industry and has become a groundbreaking innovation. The event planner can not only experience the venue beforehand but he can also select the event settings with his eyes! Correctly applied, VR is a competitive advantage for every venue. But also in the pitch agencies can benefit from this event experience because it is also possible to integrate products in a new form of presentation.

Integration of 3D seating in photo panoramas

Congress Schladming

The Congress Schladming, which was opened in 2011, was visualized for the sale in the PreOpening phase by easyRAUM and presented as a panorama tour on the website. After the completion, photo panoramas were created. Here, we were able to score points with the integration of 3D furniture. This way the seating possibilities were included to the panorama and presented as high-end rendered images.

Maximal Interaction – maximaler Raumeindruck

The viewer gets the feeling to move directly in the room. He can look around in all directions and carefully view individual details of the room. This makes the interactive 3D 360 ° panoramas into an indispensable, powerful tool especially during the planning phase.

Simple presentation

3D 360 ° panoramas can easily be integrated into presentations or on your website - for example in the form of flash or quicktime files. Use this technology to win new customers, or to make event planning easier for your existing customers.


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