easyRAUMpro V.X brandnew in ribbon design

Information about easyRAUMpro version X 64bit

Since the summer of 2017, we are programming a completely new user interface for you, which gives the software not only a modern look and feel, but also improved handling and a simplification of the buttons. With the new ribbon interface, a ribbon bar appears at the top of the head area, showing all controls at a glance.
With this fundamental change of the surface we set definitive standards on the software basis.
In addition, with version V.X we are switching to the 64bit version with license code protection.

Other new features include:
• define favorites in the object catalog
• open contained folder in search
• "Double precision"
• AutoCAD Import DWG / DXF 2018
• drag and drop BMPs into the visualization
• Window over several wall segments
• Window reveal with bevels
• new report generator
• new Crystal Reports / BOMs
• grid / turning the working surface to evenly align the seating (sloping spaces)
• User interface


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